Hip Pack Model Comparison

Hip Pack - Lumbar Pack - Fanny Pack - Waist Pack... whatever you call 'em, we have several models for those who love to wear their gear around their waist. Compare them here to see which is best for your needs before we build yours!

Here are our simple solutions, listed from biggest to smallest:


Vedavoo's Current Hip Pack


The Current was designed to be a simple belt pack with a pouch the same size as the one on our best selling Beast Sling pack.  As such, it'll carry up to a Cliff Bugger Beast Jr. with other smaller, thin boxes at the ready.  It has a mesh pocket on the face for quick-drain-and-dry gear storage, and the fold over closure does a darn good job keeping the elements out of the main compartment.  You can also mount tippet on either of the two wings with our tippet pack, or add a fly patch.  Tool loops and anchors for outside storage of nippers, hemos, etc.  You can also slide your landing net in the slot between the pouch and the belt (though bear in mind that it could impact how easy it is to get into the main pouch).

Vedavoo's Swift Hip Pack


 The Swift was designed with the same platform as the CURRENT, but with a slightly smaller pouch to make room for a water bottle sleeve that will carry any 3" Diameter or smaller bottle (like the Yeti 18oz rambler or some Grayl water filtration bottles of this size).  The pouch here is sized like the Seam Sling Packs - with about 2/3 the size of the Current - plenty of space for a good selection of flies, snacks, and other gear. 

If you're trying to decide between these two models, you're not alone.  Sales are about 50/50 on these packs.  Really it comes down to whether you can sacrifice the space to carry a water bottle or not.  Otherwise, both packs carry the same. 

A lady fly fisher fights a trout while wearing the VEDAVOO Hip Pack and Netster


For most of our customers, the bulk of needs will be carried higher up out of the water than what a Hip Pack will allow - whether that is in a Sling Pack or a Daypack.  For these customers, and true minimalists, we offer a variety of belt-worn accessories to help add additional storage that gives quicker-access to gear when needed. 

The HIP PACK is a long-standing product from our line.  It is designed with beltloop on the back to slide it onto your wading belt (up to 2" wide).  The flap closure adjusts to what you are carrying - whether that be a bigger water bottle, fly boxes (holds a Bugger Barn and a Tacky, or three Tacky fly boxes), or other loose gear. It also has a drain panel on the back to let water out if you wade too deep.  

The BELT POUCH is a pleated pouch with Secure velcro flap closure to carry tips, spey heads, leaders, and other terminal tackle in a secure pouch on your belt.  

The ROD HOLSTER is an anchor for you to use to secure your rod while you re-rig, or to carry a second strung rod.  Because of the way it slides on your belt, and the way we designed it to hold the rod, it allows you to reposition your second rod out of the way of an errant cast that could damage it.

The NETSTER is perhaps the simplest and easiest tool for carrying your landing net.  Designed after watching guys slide long-handled nets behind their wading belt, we created this holster for fishing nets to hold them more securely and within easy reach.  A must have for any angler.

Our TIPPET HOLDER securely mounts a stack of tippet spools, and can be wrapped around pack straps or (in this case) your wading belt to give you quick access to your leader material.  The FLY PATCH functions the same way - but is designed with a patch of loop material to temporarily hold flies, and a pocket for trash line.  

Our PLIER HOLSTER is a secure home for fishing pliers with stretch pocket and reinforced tip protection with a loop for a retaining leash.  It can be built with the same style wrap-around design as the Tippet and Fly products, OR with a fixed belt loop depending on your needs.


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