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Rod Holster

Rod Holster

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Secure your rod while you rig-up or to carry a second rod on your hip while you fish.  Designed so that you can simply reposition your rod out of your way while in use.  When not in use, it lays flat so nothing digs into your back when you sit down between spots.  Hand Made to Order in the USA.

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2.5 oz

3″ W x 5″ H x 0.5″ D



– Grey's Sporting Journal: BEST OF GREY’S (Fly Fishing Accessory)

- Simple Holster for Securing Your Rod while Rigging Up or to Carry a 2nd Rod
Keeps Rod Tip Up and Out of the Current and Away From Brush
- Rod Butt Drops Through Loop; Buckle Strap Clips over Cork to Secure
- Rod Pivots in Holster so you can Reposition Rod Tip Away From Your Cast
- Slides Easily Onto Most Wading Belts
- Low Profile Design Avoids Line Snags
Won’t Stab you in the Kidney When You Jump In Your Truck

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