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A curated collection of the best selling and most loved accessories - made to order in the USA by VEDAVOO
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American-made, craft built packs, bags, and gear for the road less travelled.

Our work is the product of almost a decade and a half of design, refinement, and real-world results from customers and professionals. Hand-cut, prepped, and made to order, every piece is built by local craftsmen who love the outdoors and adventure as much as you do. This is gear with soul, made simply BETTER.


    We don't claim to be the best. We just focus on building things better.  Better methods - Better materials - Better Products. We take our time as we cut, sew, and finish each piece for lasting quality, and we use premium materials that are time tested, field proven, and American-Made wherever possible. 


    We build with respect to the flag that flies on on our work. Our products are made to order in Leominster, Massachusetts, USA. Our team of local craftsmen deliver quality at every step to ensure the rarest kind of best for our customers. There are definitely easier ways - and surely less costly ones - but they aren't ours. 

  • GEAR

    Designed and built by people who love the outdoors and adventure as much as you do, our work is thoughtfully built from patterns forged from experience.  Don't expect to get the "norm" in any piece crafted in our shop.  This is gear made to go wherever you go, and to last as long as you can get there.

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