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Netster (Net Holster)

Netster (Net Holster)

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Secure your net in this simple holster while you're on the water.  Big or small, nets seat deep in the pocket, canted right or left to make it easier to reach when you need it.  When not in use, it lays flat so nothing digs into your back when you sit down between spots.  Hand Made to Order in the USA.

Thank you for your support of our Work & the Families behind it!

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    - Net drops in through top opening and the handle slides through one of the two openings at the bottom
    - This naturally positions your net upright, but canted to the left side or right per your preference.
    - Supports MOST Nets (Not ideal if you’re carrying Taimen Sized Nets in Mongolia)
    - Protects waders from abrasive handles
    Best when worn center/back, or offset to the left or right of center on your back.
    - Slides Easily Onto Most Wading Belts
    Low Profile Design Avoids Line Snags
    Won’t Stab you in the Kidney When You Jump In Your Truck

    NOTE: There may never be a perfect system for hauling nets around but we’ve done our best to help without breaking the bank.


    4.5 oz

    TOP of Opening: ~7″;
    BOTTOM of Opening: ~4″
    Depth of Sleeve: 4″

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