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Belt Pouch

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$39.95 USD
Expanding pouch with adjustable flap closure to carry gear securely on your wading belt.  This is a piece of kit you'll never be without after you've used it.  Perfect for indicators, tippet rings, swivels, hemostats, stream thermometers, and other gear you'll use regularly on the river.  Sustainably Made in the USA.

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    - Quick-access storage for leaders, small fly boxes, floatant, weight, indicators, hemostats, tippet rings, swivels, and other rigging needs.
    - Pleated storage pocket and flap expand up to 3″ D
    - Beltloop on back sides easy onto most belts up to 2" Wide
    - Industrial Velcro closure
    - Large Velcro Patch on face doubles as fly patch.


    5 oz

    5.25 “H x 6 “W x up to 3” D