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Plier Holster (Quick-Wrap Loop)

Plier Holster (Quick-Wrap Loop)

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Double-layer stretch pocket conforms to pliers, and the reinforced tip protects against damage.  D-ring on the back to secure tethers to where they won't get in your way.  Quick-wrap connection to secure holster around loops on your pack, wading belt, boat frame, cooler handles, etc.  Also available with fixed belt-loop.  Made to Order in the USA.

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3 oz

3"W x 6″ H x 0.5″ D



- Quick-wrap secures holster around loops on our packs, your belt, straps, waders, boat frames, cooler handles, etc.
- Industrial Velcro Closure
- Dual Layer Pocket conforms around a variety of pliers
- Tip protector prevents damage to tool or surfaces
- D-Ring on back to secure for tether out of your way.
- Designed to fit a variety of fishing pliers
- Also works with other specialty pliers and tools

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