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Wader Bag

Wader Bag

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Wader bag sewn with a single, unbroken piece of waterproof fabric to trap water and wader mess.  Semi-structured tote design helps it stay open for easy loading, and is space saving (folds flat).  Additional loops to hang the bag for drying, or attaching essential gear (you can't forget).  Made to order in the USA.

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15 oz

14.5″ W x 10″ D x 15" H



- Tote bag design is ideal for transporting waders, climbing ropes, beach gear, groceries, and more
- Made from a single, unbroken layer of waterproof fabric
- Space Saving, Fold-flat design
- Durable 1" Webbing Handles
- Semi-Structured Top and Sides Help Keep Bag Open While Loading
- Four clip point loops for attaching essential gear
- Hang Loops In both corners For Easy Drying

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