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ReVisor (Visor Organizer / Fly Storage)

ReVisor (Visor Organizer / Fly Storage)

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Full Sized Vehicle visor organizer for your car, truck, suv, or hoopty - designed to stash and store loose flies.  No more roof liner damage.  Hooks anchor in loop material panel that is American made of recycled material.  Made to Order in the Vedavoo Workshop, USA.

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5 oz

Hook Storage Pad is approximately 6" x 12"
Adjustable Compression Straps (12" - 18" Long)



> Big time fly storage pad
> Loop material used is American Made and Recycled
> Internal Core Adds Structure / Blocks Hook Points
> Adjustable compression straps secure to any visor
> Loops hold hooks well, even barbless (insert with a twist)
> Easier to remove hooks than out of velcro

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