Trash Panda Packable Collection Bag

Trash Panda Packable Collection Bag

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Mount anywhere trash collection bag that rolls up into itself for easy storage when not in use. The cam-locking buckle used here securely mounts the Trash Panda to pack straps, wading belts, or wherever it can be used without getting in your way while you're in the field.  Sustainably made in the USA.

Thank you for your support of our Work & Families!

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2 oz

Rolled for Storage: 2" H x 8.25" W
Open for Trash Collection: 9.5" H x 8" W



- Specialty Cam-Locking Buckle Clips easily onto pack straps, edge binding, belts, webbing, etc.
- Perfect, flexible container for carrying out trash you find in the field, or your own for disposal later
- VERY Strong Connection - but Easily Removed
- Rolls up / Stores easily in your pack when you don't need it

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