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Rod Quivers

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$249.95 USD
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Our Quivers were designed to carry four rods with ease.  No socks, and no tubes.  Though originally for the traveling angler, the ability to store and transport multiple rods in one easy to grab bundle has made it a favorite piece of gear for many who have had us build one for their kit.  Hand Made to Order in the USA.

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    - Hauls four rods in one easy travel package.
    - Sections slide into a series of pockets on either side of the central leaf.
    - Padded outer protection sheet with durable materials for added structure
    - Quiver folds flat to tuck into tight places (like overhead bins)
    - Rolled-up the quiver delivers added protection for contents


    38 oz

    - Rod Quiver: Four, 4-Piece Rods up to 10'  (33″ Max segment length)
    - Euro Quiver: Four, 4-Piece Rods up to 11' (36" Max Segment length)
    - TFM Glass Quiver: Three, 3-Piece Rods up to 8' 6"  (37.5″ Max segment length)
    - Spey Quiver:  Four, 4-Piece Rods up to 13' 6"  (44″ Max Segment Length)

    - Rod Quiver:  34" L x 11" W x 2" D (FOLD); 34"L x 6" Diameter (ROLL) / 38 oz.
    - Euro Quiver: 37" L x 11" W x 2" D (FOLD); 37"L x 6" Diameter (ROLL) / 39 oz.
    - TFM Glass Quiver:  39" L x 7" W x 2" D (FOLD); 39" L x 5" Diameter (ROLL) / 40 oz.
    - Spey Quiver: 45" L x 11" W x 2" D (FOLD); 45" L x 7″ Diameter (ROLL) / 48 oz.