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No-Kink Reel Covers // FABRIC

No-Kink Reel Covers // FABRIC

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Our original kink-free reel cover designed with kimono-cut side which lets fly line flow freely without bends to the stripping guide. The pouch flap adjusts to fit over a strung rod, or snugly around loose reels and spools.   A must have in the boat, or when fishing with multiple rods. 

Made using your choice of premium fabrics for lasting durability.  Also available for build in DRYMESH and VINYL.

Made to order in the USA.

Thank you for your support of our Work & Families!

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3 oz

Small – Up to 3″ Diameter Reels / Spools
- (<3 wt)
Medium – Up to 3.5″ Diameter Reels / Spools - (4/5 wt)
Large – Up to 4″ Diameter Reels / Spools - (6/7 wt)
XL – Up to 4.5″ Diameter Reels / Spools - (8/9 wt)
2XL – Up to 5″ Diameter Reels / Spools - (10/11 wt)



- Covers and protects your reel from the elements without kinking your line
- When on a strung rod, the Kimono-Cut on the side lets your line flow freely to the stripping guide kink-free.

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