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No-Kink Reel Covers

No-Kink Reel Covers

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Fly reel case protects your reel and eliminates line kinks.  Pouch flap adjustable to fit over a strung rod, or snugly around loose reels and spools.  The kimono-cut side lets line flow freely to the stripping guide, kink free. A must have in the boat, or when fishing with multiple rods. Sustainably made in the USA.

Thank you for your support of our Work & the Families behind it!

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    - Covers and protects your reel from the elements without kinking your line
    - When on a strung rod, the Kimono-Cut on the side lets your line flow freely to the stripping guide kink-free.


    3 oz

    Small – Up to 3″ Diameter Reels / Spools
    - (1/2/3 wt)
    Medium – Up to 3.5″ Diameter Reels / Spools - (4/5 wt)
    Large – Up to 4″ Diameter Reels / Spools - (6/7 wt)
    XL – Up to 4.5″ Diameter Reels / Spools - (8/9 wt)
    2XL – Up to 5″ Diameter Reels / Spools - (10/11 wt)

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