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Holiday Mystery Bags

Holiday Mystery Bags

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Back by Popular Demand!!!

Randomly filled bags with a variety of great gear items - new gear that may have slight blemishes, an older style, or product samples. A lucky few will get design prototypes or founder-owned gear.

Thank you for your support of our Work & Families!

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All Gear Produced by Vedavoo and made available to those who enjoy a surprise. The buld of items are New Old Stock, or products with minor blemishes (given at a SERIOUS discount).

Prototypes are rare inserts. These were items produced during the design of new products and updated gear. Fabrics vary and finishes may not be present on these items. Each will come with a hand-written note from Scott explaining significance.

Founder-Owned items are rare inserts - and will come with hand-written note from Scott detailing use.

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