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Cam-Clip // Gated Clip

Cam-Clip // Gated Clip

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Quick-attach gated clip with cam-locking buckle for pack straps, webbing belts, edge binding, wader straps, and more! Snap hooks like this are great for connecting tools, keys, tethers, and other gear.  Made in the USA.


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1 oz

3.5" H x 2" W



- Gated clip is ideal for securely connecting tools, keys, and other gear
- Specialty Cam-Locking Buckle securely mounts to backpack straps, webbing, belts, edge binding, waders, or anywhere you need to have a place to clip on gear or secure a tether.
- VERY Strong Connection - but Easily Removed
- Stores easily in your pack when you don't need it

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