Which Pack is Best for Me?

Sling packs, backpacks, hip packs, chest packs, fly fishing vests... there are so many options it's crazy.  We're here to help match you narrow down the madness with some info that should help you.  Depending on what style of pack sounds best for you and your needs, we've created other pages to help you pick which model for us to build for you.  



 Backpacks are best for longer days in the field, extended trips, or when you just need to carry more gear.  The rule of thumb is - if you're going to be walking in more than a mile, or if you're going to be out all day long, it's a good idea to carry a daypack.
It's the place where you'll stash your rain gear, jacket, fleece, lunch, snacks, water bottles, camera, and extra flies and leaders that you don't necessarily need to get at regularly.   
Just because you're carrying a backpack, it doesn't mean you have to carry EVERYTHING in it.  You should also consider an accessory pouch to keep flies, tippet, tools, and other gear where you can make quicker work of changes. Whether that's a shoulder bag or a pouch mounted on your wading belt, we can help you there too.




Sling packs are a hybrid of sorts between a small backpack and a chest pack or vest.  They are a common choice for a lot of anglers because they carry a solid day's worth of gear on the back, keeping it out of the way, but quickly accessible.  
Slings ride on one shoulder, and complete a loop around your body under your arm on the opposite side.  When you need to access your gear, you pull the bag to your front.  When you're ready to fish again, you slide it back to your back.  
The key consideration here, is that slings don't distribute the weight they carry as evenly on your body as a backpack.  You wouldn't fish for tarpon with your 3 weight trout rod, and you shouldn't carry too much in a sling.  
In general, if you're looking for a pack that you can use for the bulk of the fishing you do, and you plan to hike around and wade deeper than your waist, a sling is a great choice.



Hip packs (aka - belt packs, lumbar packs, and fanny packs) have been around for a long time and are a great way to carry fly fishing gear for a day out at your favorite stream or river.  
As the name suggests, hip packs ride on your hips and around your waist.  A lot of anglers choose these to keep weight off their shoulders.  In general, you'll find that the tighter you wear it, the more secure your gear, but the harder it is to pull around your waist.  Worn looser, it's easier to pull around your waist, but it's also more likely to slide down your back side.  Many are made with a shoulder strap as well so that you can wear it looser around your waist without it sliding down.  
Another key consideration with these, however, is that carrying a hip pack puts your gear lower on your body than any other pack.  As such, you are limited with how deep you can wade without submerging your pack.  



 A quick note about submersible fly fishing packs.  These packs are made with sealed seams and a waterproof zipper. Waterproof zippers and sealed seams are good at keeping water out, but they are also good at keeping air and any water that does make it into your bag inside well.  Zippers are bad in salt water too.
For the bulk of the anglers out there, submersible packs are overkill.  They cost a lot more up front and will typically need to be replaced sooner.  
We believe in making products that do a good job of keeping the elements out without the submersible price.  Our Flagship products are built using 18 oz. PVC coated vinyls - just like what is used to make raft bottoms (tough enough to drag a river bottom = durability you can count on).

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