Backpack Model Comparison

Vedavoo backpacks and daypacks are built to wear MORE comfortably all day.  Our proprietary harness keeps gear secure and stable, while keeping your shoulders more comfortable without pinches, rubs, and overburden on your shoulders.  We also build them with traditional backpack harnesses for every-day carry comfort.  

Before we talk about our specific models, a note about traditional backpack straps verses our Spinner system.

Traditional Backpack Harnesses

Traditional pack harnesses have a buckle near the tip of the strap, and a webbing strap passes through it to adjust harness length.  This works fine for general purposes, but can be very uncomfortable if you are going to be doing anything active with your upper body.  This is because those shoulder straps pull deep into your underarms when you tighten them down, limiting your mobility and causing rubs and painful pressure. 

 A BETTER Backpack Harness for Active Use

We invented the "Spinner" multi-position pack harness more than a decade ago.  The shoulder straps have a pass-through loop low on the strap, and a horizontal adjustment belt passes through it.  When buckled accross your chest, this belt is the stabilizer for the straps - which slide on it so you can reposition them where you need them:

  •   Further out for added stability and more of the weight distribution to your shoulders, or
  • Pulled more to the center for maximum range of movement and less burden on your shoulders. 
  • You can also wear it unbuckled for a more casual carry.

The result is the most comfortable pack on the market when you are fly fishing, riding your bike, paddling, bouldering, skiing, snowboarding, etc.


With that covered, here are our backpack models, from biggest to smallest.  It is noted when the pack is built with our spinner or traditional harness with each:

 Model wearing Vedavoo HEX Daypack

 - Spinner Multiposition Harness -
 - Hydration Bladder Compatible - 

The Hex has the most capacity of any of our daypacks, but not too much to crush you under the weight of your gear.  It was designed originally for guides that needed to carry a lot more gear to support their clients on the water, but has quickly become a favorite for our customers.  It's taller and deeper than our best-selling Spinner, but it still carries the same way. 

Bottom line, if you're going to need your pack to carry bulky extra gear, more gear for longer days this is a great choice.

Model wearing the VEDAVOO Spinner Daypack

 - Spinner Multiposition Harness -
 - Hydration Bladder Compatible - 

The Spinner is the first backpack we brought to market, and is still our best selling daypack.  This was designed for wade fishing to be worn up high on the shoulders, but stable so it can't throw you off balance when you're moving around on uneven substrate in the river.  It comfortably carries up to a Bugger Beast flybox from Cliff Outdoors (the biggest one), a few smaller flyboxes, raingear, lunch, and other loose gear.  Easy clip points for nets and tools, and rod carrying loops and stretch pockets on both side panels.

If you're looking for an all-around, all-day fishing pack, this is an excellent choice.  If you just need more space, go with the Hex.

Model wearing the VEDAVOO MainSTREAM Daypack

 - Traditional Harness - 

If you're looking for an all-around backpack that is at home on the river, at school/work, or anywhere else you need to carry your gear, this is a great choice.  The MainSTREAM (as the name points) was designed for mainstream use and also STREAM use.  We wanted it to be strong in the field, or in your daily life.  

We kept the design simple and the harness traditional on this one.  It'll carry your laptop, notebooks, extra clothes, raingear, etc, but it'll also carry a Bugger Beast flybox like the spinner with plenty of other room for lunch, gear, and other flies.  

If you need a pack for everyday use - on the water - around town - or while traveling - grab this one.

VEDAVOO's Little Sandy Ruck viewed from the side

 - Traditional Harness -

The Little Sandy Mesh Ruck is specialty pack with a vinyl bottom and body made with PVC coated ventilated mesh so your gear can breathe.  It is a great bag for wet and sandy towels at the beach, your gym shoes and clothes, or wet waders / jackets.  

The harness is simple - with lightweight, adjustable webbing straps.  They're great for quick carry between activities, but we don't recommend this for carrying a lot of weight or for longer periods of use.


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