Sling Pack Model Comparison

Vedavoo sling packs are built to keep your chest clean from tangles, your casting shoulder unburdened, and your gear balanced on your back until you need it.  We can build them in either right or left handed models, and can adjust the strap during the build to ensure a more ideal fit by request.  

Here are our Slings, from biggest to smallest:

Vedavoo Beast Sling Pack


The Beast Sling pack has the most capacity of any of our slings, but not too much to crush you under the weight of your gear.  It was designed to carry a Bugger Beast Jr. fly box from Cliff Outdoors in the main pouch with some room to spare for other thin boxes, fly wallets, or snacks.  That said, it's more than a streamer fishing pack.  For most of our customers it's about having the extra space you might need when you need it.  

Vedavoo Seam Sling Pack


The Seam was designed for anglers who didn't want / need the extra space of the Beast.  The Seam's pouch has about 2/3 the volume within, but is otherwise built to carry just like it's bigger companion.  It's perfect for carrying a few boxes, snacks, and gear on the river.  This said, if you're on the fence between the Seam and the Beast, we recommend getting the Beast.  It's better to have the extra space and not use it, than to not have less than you need.


The Ripple is essentially a Seam, but on a smaller backer.  This is specifically for anglers with smaller statures, women, and teens.  Though smaller, it is built without any sacrifices in capacity or structure.  

Inversion Sling Pack


The Inversion was designed for flats fishing, but has become a favorite for many other anglers as well.  It rides higher up on your back than our other slings do.  In designing this pack to ride high, we maximized what you could carry in limited real estate.  The zippered main compartment is ideal for a couple Bugger Barns or Crab Shacks from Cliff Outdoors, or several of our fly wallets.  

Vedavoo Tightlines Sling - Legacy CollectionFlats fly fisherman wearing the Tightlines Sling on his front


The Tightlines was our original product, and is the lightest sling pack available on the market (9 oz). Designed to carry two good boxes and gear, the focus was on making a simple, easy to carry pack that didn't weigh you down on the water. It can be worn on your back, or flipped around and on your chest depending on how you need to access your gear.

The Tightlines is a great choice for someone who is looking for a pack for a few hours on the water, for an ultralight sling pack, or for those who are just getting started in the sport.


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