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Hex Daypack

Hex Daypack

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Sized for serious adventure, the Hex Daypack is flagship, full-sized backpack for fishing, hiking, and EDC; designed with modular connections for a variety of available pouches and accessories to best meet your needs in the wild.  Made to order in the USA.


Thank you for your support of our Work & the Families behind it!

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    weight: 35oz. // 50oz. with pouch

    dimensions: 11" W x 5" D x 18-24" H
    Zipper Pouch: 10" W x 4" D x 11" H
    Flap Pouch: 10" W x 3" D x 11-12" H

    capacity: 990-1320 CI // 16.2-21.6 L
    Zip Pouch adds: 440 CI // 7.2 L
    Flap Pouch adds: 330-360 CI // 5.4-5.9 L

    fit considerations: Our Harness is sized to fit most by default. Shoulder Straps are 20" Long, and slide on the lower harness strap, sized as follows:
    - Standard sizing fits 42-52" around chest
    - Short / Long Sizing available by request (+/- 10")


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