We build to order so you can get the right gear for the goal.  Based on the environments you'll face, we have curated a series of textile collections:  

CLASSIC 1000 Denier Cordura™ Nylon
The Gold Standard for Outdoor Gear

Consistent performance proven in many of the worlds toughest environments. We launched with and still prefer using the American woven stuff...it weathers and softens beautifully over time. 

PROS: Incredible abrasion / tear resistance, strength to weight ratio, water resistance (DWR & Coated Back).

CONS: Protective coatings need to be refreshed periodically, lighter colors more apt to show soiling and signs of use.


Vinyl Coated Poly is a waterproof material as shown here.  Water runs off.

FLAGSHIP 18oz. Vinyl Coated Poly
Maximum Water Protection and Structure

This fabric is used to make raft bottoms, truck tarps, and mooring covers.

PROS: Repels water / mud / blood / rain / mildew / oil / microbes / bad juju. Holds it's shape well and cleans up with a hose. 

CONS: Stiffer & heavier than fabric. Must be dried thoroughly between uses. More sensitive to wear on points/corners over time.

Luxury without Sacrifice, our Waxed Cotton Twill has a rich texture and unmatched durability in its class

LEGACY Waxed Filter Twill
Luxury Without Sacrificing Performance

Time honored quality paired perfectly with modern performance.   

We went all in for the beautiful durability of waxed filter twill.  The signature weave pattern and texture of its 3/3 wale adds heft, strength, and abrasion resistance.  Paired with American-woven Cordura, leather accents, and other premium fabrics, this offering delivers the perfect balance between performance and luxury.  

Like other fine materials, maintenance is required to maximize longevity.  The Martexin Original Wax treatment is good stuff, and is easily maintained.  If and when necessary, it can be reapplied with minimal heat. 


MORE QUESTIONS? we love to help customers choose the right fabric for their build.  Please don't hesitate to drop us a message!