Color Chart

1000 Denier Cordura Colors

Olive, Digi Camo, Duck Camo, Brown, Tan

Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White, Navy Blue

Red, Orange, Dark Green, Blue, Purple 

Flagship Vinyl Colors

WMV Digi Camo, Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White

Burgundy, Red, Orange, Yellow, 

WMV Digi Camo, Dark Olive, Green, Lime Green

Navy Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink


Legacy Waxed Twill Colors

Loden (Select "Olive"), Charcoal (Select "Steel Grey")
Loden Waxed Twill from VEDAVOO Charcoal Waxed Twill from VEDAVOO

Cordura and Waxed Twill are paired with Black Ballistic Nylon, while Flagship Vinyl will be paired with Black Vinyl.

Custom Colorways 

Want to create a unique colorway?  We can build your pack with a contrasting color for $10 more.  First, pick your dominant color for the item being ordered.  Then add in a 'Contrasting Color' for your build through the Customizations section of our site.  

Here are a few examples for you:

VEDAVOO Pro Program Application


  • Name of your Guide Service, Lodge, Shop, or Company
  • Your Manager's Name and Contact (Phone / Email)
  • Number of years there / Number of Years in the Industry
  • What you are most excited to have us build for you!

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Notes: Please allow 3-5 business days for us to review your application.  This program is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time.  All purchases must be for the personal use of the member, and are not for resale.  We expect all members of the program to exhibit kindness, stewardship, and good citizenship.  Thank you for your interest!  We are looking forward to building for you very soon!