You spelled it wrong!!! May 18, 2016 – Posted in: Vedavoo

Anyone who has spent any time in Southern Wyoming knows about Vedauwoo… note the spelling. When I was looking for a name for our brand, I wanted to pick something that stood apart from other companies out there, was memorable, and represented the spirit of the outdoors behind everything we do.

Vedauwoo (the park) was a perfect inspiration – and was the ONLY choice for my (then) two-year-old son. Having grown up in Wyoming, and spent four great years in Laramie before settling up in Central Wyoming, I had a lot of fond memories of time spent in Vedauwoo – hiking, camping, climbing, and fly fishing. That said, when settling in on the name, I didn’t feel right “taking ownership” of a place I didn’t have any right to claim as my own.

Ultimately I settled on a name INSPIRED BY the park – using an easier to spell version – and VEDAVOO was born.

Want to learn more about why the area was so special to me? Stop through the next time your running the interstate between Cheyenne and Laramie… no matter what you do in the outdoors, it’s got it!

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