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It was just short of 8 million degrees at noon. A lazy day already it was time to give it some shape. A location was settled on. Even if there was an absence of fish, we’d at least be able to float around in the water for a while.


The glass rod was selected for the maneuver and it was armed with the smallest clouser available on hand. The first cast was impressively lackluster. But even still we saw a half dozen shapes materialize with an acute interest in the fly.

Getting the first to hand, what we thought were were white bass were actually a little bit yellow. After about three we were ready to make the call and verify that they were in fact pint size yellow bass.

Torchbearer Ellie Leafgren and a trophy catch.

The afternoon that followed was unreal. As far as we could tell every fish in a 5 mile radius was pushed into the 30′ piece of bank we were working. We fished till we saw enough. Then tried alternative patterns to see what all they would take until that also ran its course.

We left satisfied for the season having seen everything a true bass run can be.

Author: Torchbearer Danny Puser
Photos by: Danny and Ellie

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