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Why should you come to Vedavoo Vise Night?

After taking the summer (and early fall) off to fish and to travel, we’re getting back to our regular fly tying nights at the Vedavoo Workshop. If you live anywhere near central Massachussetts, you ought to make an effort to get over here to check out Vise Night. Want a few reasons why you should join us? Here are the top three reasons why you should come to Vedavoo Vise Night:

  • The People If there is a better formula for spending time with old friends and making new acquaintances than pizza and beer, I’ve yet to find it. In this day and age a lot of us “know” each other through social media, but sitting down for a few hours to talk in person at Vise Night is a real treat.
  • The Place I am a little biased, but the Vedavoo Workshop is a very cool place. When was the last time you hung out in a hundred year-old building that used to build piano parts, but is now the site where fly fishing gear is built by hand?
  • The Things Of course there is fly tying. People will tie everything from midges to muskie flies. The real fun happens when we stop for a contest. It might entail incorporating a mystery material or altering the way you’d normally tie a fly. There are always a lot of laughs, and there are always some great prizes.

We’re only an hour from Boston, Manchester, Springfield, and Providence. We hope to see you here!

Monday, October 22 at 6:30 PM

45 Granite Street
Leominster, MA


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