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The fight: You may not get any blistering runs or sky high jumps, but redfish are no slouch. Their stubborn strength at the boat side can put a bend in any fly rod and a grin on your face.

The colors: Redfish come in many shades, the best of which is when they are bright orange with a pearlescent belly. There’s something about a bright copper flash that can give a mahi a run for their money.

Table fare: While personally I don’t keep many fish and promote catch and release. Redfish are some of the best fish to bring to the table. It’s understandable that some people want to keep fish and redfish certainly aren’t excluded. They aren’t mushy like some fish but they hold delectable flavor and can be cooked however you want.

Four season fish: Many popular gamefish are migratory from Tarpon to even Flounder. However, redfish are not.  Sure, some months are better than others, but the inshore redfish are here all year round. The only thing that changes, is the method in which to catch them.

Versatility: Perhaps what makes the redfish most unique, is the amount of habitat in which you can catch them. Redfish are most famous for their tailing on the flats, but even the types of flats are different. Up north, they are found in Spartina grass, while in Florida, they are found in eelgrass and any sand or mudflats in between. Redfish can also be targeted in the surf or in creeks, at low tide. Their habitat ranges from Massachusetts beaches, to the Florida mangroves, and Louisiana estuaries. Just about everywhere in the southeast holds redfish.  Pick your favorite habitat and go pursue them.

Article by: Rigel Jessen – An avid fly fisher and fly tyer from South Carolina. He’s also the 2019 Lowcountry Tailers Cup Winner. To see and purchase his favorite flies, please visit the link: Cape Romain Flies Etsy Store

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