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He wants to catch a fish, but not for the same reason you do.

You want to catch a fish because of the experience. What it means to be on the water, in the wild places, away from it all. Fly fishing is the cumulative outcome of days in the office and time behind the vise and countless moments daydreaming. You know the hatches, the migration patterns, and the optimal place to be when everything should – and often does – come together.

You watch to catch a fish because of the joy and accomplishment that accompanies everything coming together.

He wants to catch a fish because he knows that is what you do.

His, or her, fly fishing experience doesn’t include fretting over gear selection, reading tide charts, or fitting the outing into a busy schedule. He absolutely is interested in the hatches – but because they are bugs. Bugs are captivating; certainly much more captivating than the fishing when the fishing isn’t coming together.

The experience is the bugs and the sticks and the noises that things make when they splash in the water. Yes. Splashes scare fish. But splashes are entertaining, again, when the fishing isn’t coming together.

It is watching a hawk overhead. Having a snack. Going to the bathroom in the woods. Wading a little too deep and then obsessing over how cold wet shorts are.

And questions.

So… why did he want to come fishing?

He wants to catch a fish, which means coming fishing with you¸ because that is what you do.

So… who needs to change?

Maybe matching the hatch needs to include some time playing with the bugs. Perhaps reading the water can include tossing a few stones into pools that don’t have fish. Having a snack is something anyone can get behind. And the answers that you’ll come up with to his questions will be much more appropriate, and more fun, if you’re thinking like he is.

Catching a fish will come with time. But that joy and accomplishment that accompanies everything coming together will mean a lot more to you and to him for years and decades to come if the fish is just one small part of that everything.




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