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Watching him look at the Beast Sling, I could tell he was skeptical. “I don’t need that much pack.”

I knew that he fished for Great Lakes salmon and steelhead. A lot. He is the kind of guy who puts in crazy hours. Moreover, he is the kind of guy who puts in the hours that count. Early and late season. Right before dawn and just after dusk. When the weather is nastiest. Among other reasons, those are the times when an angler can have the water – and the fish – to him or herself. And I knew that is how he fished.

So I asked a few questions. “What do you do with your jacket once it warms up or stops raining?”

“I’ll just keep wearing it. Or walk back to my truck.”

“Sounds hot. And what about your hat and gloves?”

“I’ll shove them in my waders. Why?”

“That sounds uncomfortable and hot. Where do you keep spare spools and food?”

“Back in the car… why?!?”

“Why not find a simple and unobtrusive way to carry all that and stay on the water?”

“Like what?”

Now I was holding a Beast Sling. More specifically, one of our weather-resistant Water Master models. I handed it over for him to try on. We walked through some of the features. Of particular interest were the compression straps for holding a rolled up jacket or second rod, the deep “hidden” pocket for gloves or hats, and the moisture-repellent finish.

“Huh,” he said, wheels turning and imagination in motion. I knew then that he saw the value in having that much pack.


Anecdotes aside, fall and winter fly fishing are perfect times to have a little more capacity. Whether it be another layer or another spool or a Jetboil and some coffee, it is nice to be able to take what you need where you need it. This is especially in those friendly, social situations we find ourselves in when searching for running fish. It pays to stay put, and to not trudge back to the car, when you need some warmth or another fly box. It also pays to have a pack that fits, stays where it is supposed to, and doesn’t inhibit casting.

Equal parts convenience and safety, having what you need on the water matters. The work that you put in for big fish in bad weather is substantial. You already make sure that you are prepared. Make sure that your gear is just as ready as you.

Handle anything the wild fall weather can throw at you with our Vedavoo X Water Master Beast Sling. The Beast fly fishing sling comfortably carries larger loads, on your back until you pull the pack to your front – giving you quick access to tools, tippet, flies, water, and other gear to keep you fishing more with less frustration.

We’ve partnered up with our friends at Water Master – and have found a way to put scraps of left over raft vinyl to use in this very special collaborative effort. Click here to check it out – we’d love to start building yours today!

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