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Want to win the brand new, extra large Vedavoo fly wallet (pictured above, on the bottom)? Each is handmade and features a 10” x 16” shearling fleece patch to hold all of your flies. Post a picture of your fly wallet on Instagram with the hashtag #myvedavoo for a chance to get one!

Remember the shearling band on grandpa’s hat? How about that little fleece patch that came with your very first fishing vest? Do you recall how it might have gotten a little dirty and a little matted down, but it still held flies incredibly well?

There is a reason why shearling fleece has been a centuries-old hook-storage option.

At Vedavoo, we’re proud to offer a number of American made products that utilize shearling. From our series of fly wallets to our Strolis Seatback to our ARC Fly Patch to our Mammoth Sling, we can make something any fly fisher can use.

In fly fishing, where everything old seems to be new again, fleece has seen a resurgence as more anglers are turning to the large patches to hold bigger flies. Compartmentalized or flat boxes are virtually useless for long musky streamers or giant bass bugs. Having a blank canvas to house hook sizes in the “aughts” means more time fishing and less time organizing.

It isn’t just predator anglers that are turning back to fleece. Whether it be nymphs or smaller streamers, being able to just quickly stick a hook into a patch makes for an extremely simple way to stash flies. The wool holds practically all hook sizes tightly. Plus, an open wallet allows for air circulation – metal and other materials can dry.

From a carrying perspective, fly wallets are extremely convenient. Plastic fly boxes are rigid in how you use them, but they’re also rigid in where you can use them. Our durable Cordura wallets can be crammed into a pack or wader pocket, and they’ll flex with you as you move. Integrated pockets provide additional storage for essentials like leaders or hook files. They’re also light – unbelievably light. For example: our entire Mammoth Sling weighs less than most large streamer boxes.

Whether you toss a handful of wooly buggers in our Fly Wallet, line up your articulated streamers in our ESOX Fly Wallet, or keep all your big river bugs handy in our Strolis Seatback, Vedavoo has better American gear that will keep your flies safe and sound.


Check out our fly wallet assortment, as well as all of the other products we make with shearling fleece, in our shop. Order online and we’ll get started on a build for you right away!

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