VEDAVOO & WATER MASTER April 3, 2019 – Posted in: Community, Workshop

Vedavoo continues its commitment to reuse remnant raft vinyl from our partners at  Water Master.  Previously destined for a Montana landfill, we have integrated these scraps and end cuts into more of our products creating value while reducing fabric waste.

Alongside Water Master rafts in Stevensville, MT, Vedavoo began using remnants in 2017 for the production of a limited series of four of our best selling sling packs. As a majority of the remnants are too small for use on our line of larger packs, Vedavoo is always pursuing further ways to reduce waste by integrating these offcuts into a number of Vedavoo’s smaller packs and accessories.  

Products include: ARC Tippet Pack, ARC Fly Patch, ARC Plier Pack, Hot Shot Rod Holster, Magnum Tool Wallet (Fly Tying), License Holder.

As this partnership continues, Vedavoo is committed to finding new ways to repurpose the material in their existing products, as well as developing new products with these remnants in mind.

Thanks Tessa Shetter for the great photo!

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