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It the short history of VEDAVOO VISE, the monthly fly tying event at the Vedavoo workshop, we’ve seen the creation of some impressive flies. Seasoned tiers have produced microscopic midges, cutting-edge saltwater patterns, and intricately articulated streamers.

Plus, someone tied a fly that lights up.

And another guy wove mop material.

And a few people have tied their very first flies.

Behind the bobbins and scissors, people are getting to know each other. Plans are being made for fly fishing outings, angling conundrums are getting talked through, and tying materials are being shared.

At its core, VEDAVOO VISE is about building community.

Online forums are great and Instagram is a lot of fun, but being able to sit across from someone and talk is something special. With the development of the new Vedavoo headquarters, we wanted to open the shop for local fly fishers to come together. The blessing of a spacious floorplan allows for dozens of people to tie, eat, and enjoy good company.

Fly tying events are hardly a new invention. Whether it be Catskill tying clubs that have been around for generations or something more recent like Pig Farm Ink’s Iron Fly, the lure of group activity tends to pull people out of their dens and basements.

VEDAVOO VISE is pulling people from across New England. Convenient to Boston, Springfield, and even southern Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, we’re excited to welcome fly tiers of all levels. Each night features a few fun contests, complete with prizes. Added to all the tying and talking, there is good food and good beer (BYO). There are also going to be some unannounced “special guests” in the near future.

Bench Basin

Bench Basin

Between tying flies and mingling, those who stop in can check out Vedavoo’s tying gear along with all of the other offerings. Custom-built and handmade only feet away from the festivities, products like the Bench Pro Apron and Bench Basin provide tiers of all skill levels with quality gear that will last a lifetime.

The Bench Basin is a perfect add-on to any tier’s kit. Particularly if you’re going to be moving your vise from spot to spot, having a collapsible receptacle for catching hair, feathers, and anything else that you don’t want on the floor is invaluable. Like so many other Vedavoo designs, the Bench Basin mixes simplicity with effectiveness. You can pick your color, and pick one up, by following this link.

Or, of course, you can come to the next VEDAVOO VISE and check a Bench Basin out.

We’d love to have you, and have you meet some of the other fly fishers and tiers that we know. A big part of being where we are entails being in our community. Making Better American Gear means more than making packs at an address in the USA. It means local materials, local workers, and local involvement. Gathering together over something as simple as fly tying is a great way to extend who we are – what Vedavoo is – to our community.


VEDAVOO VISE is held the second Monday of the month at our workshop in Leominster, Massachusetts. Things get started at 6:30pm and usually wrap up a few hours later. Bring your own vise, tools, materials, and beverages; we’ll buy dinner.

Space is limited, so RSVP to secure a spot. Follow this link to get on the list.

Questions about any Vedavoo products or VISE? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

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