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Today marks the nine-year anniversary of Vedavoo!

We asked company founder Scott Hunter nine questions about Vedavoo, the fly fishing industry, and gear:

  • In one word, what were you thinking in June of 2009?
    • Frustration. I was legitimately frustrated with the gear that was in the market. Other packs worked, but nothing really hit the mark for me.  Designs were overcomplicated and often didn’t function as they should. That frustration led me to innovate through simplicity.
  • What has Vedavoo’s mantra – Better American Gear – grown to mean to you?
    • Since the beginning I’ve been committed to keeping things American made where at all possible. Although costlier and, honestly, more challenging to use American materials and build it here, we’ve always worked that way because it matters to me to give back to our communities.  We’re building gear better and here at home.
  • In your opinion, what has been the biggest change in the fly fishing industry over the past 9 years?
    • There has been a huge wave of new, younger anglers entering the obsession, and it’s been awesome. New folks who love adventure, seek opportunities to chase fish with friends, and are legitimately concerned with treating the fish and the fisheries right.
  • Why do you think fly fishers love packs and bags to the point that a “pack and bag brand’ resonates so strongly with them?
    • It is bigger than bags and packs. Our customers appreciate holding a fly rod, net, or fly box in their hands that was made by hand. Quality resonates, and we know that what was put into it matters: something built by real people close to home has soul.
  • What has been your personal favorite fly fishing moment in the past 9 years?
    • I’ve been blessed to have really awesome experiences. Catching an 8-pound brookie on a mouse in Labrador, fishing from a ladder in Pyramid Lake, getting my dad his first steelhead, and taking my boys on the water. But one truly powerful moment didn’t involve a catch. Three years ago I witnessed an amazing hatch coming off in New Hampshire. Fish were rising all over, all around me. I couldn’t do anything but stand idle, watching something bigger unfold all around me. It must have been 15 minutes before I even started casting, and it still stands as a truly special moment.


    Even though they are all special, what is your very favorite product that comes out of the Vedavoo shop?

    • The Spinner Deluxe. Of everything we make that has hit the mark most for me personally as an angler over these nine years, and it is what I use the most. An accidental discovery in my garage days is still one of the best features we build in – the harness that slides to center doesn’t rub my shoulders like other packs, and gives me total range of motion while I cast.
  • Color customization is one unique feature with Vedavoo gear: what is your favorite color combo?
    • Red / Black – Back in the beginning, when I was barely getting by, I only had tan, black, and red fabric. Frankly, red didn’t sell as well. So, all my personal stuff was built red and it kind of became my signature color.
  • If you had to forecast, where will Vedavoo be in 2027?
    • Some beach, somewhere.
  • On your 9th anniversary, what would you like to say to all the Vedavoo Torchbearers?
    • We couldn’t have done it without you. From building in my garage – to my basement – to our current workshop has been made 100% possible by our customers. To all those who have given extra by bearing the torch and sharing the message: thank you.

We want to hear about your experience with Vedavoo gear over these past nine years. Share a memory or favorite product in the comments below:

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