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Beginning in June of 2018, all Thomas & Thomas fly rods will come in Vedavoo rod bags. This collaboration makes sense at a number of levels. For one, both companies are located in central Massachusetts. Door-to-door, one can travel between the two in just about an hour. Employees live in the same towns and fish the same rivers.

Although T&T predates Vedavoo by 40 years, both are established companies pushing fly fishing gear forward in new and creative ways. They represent two of the core elements of angling: a rod and a pack. Each is dedicated to innovating these timeless essentials within the context of tradition.

Most importantly, both Vedavoo and Thomas & Thomas are committed to handmade fly fishing gear. Moreover, gear that is built in and by the community. Each shop – T&T in Greenfield and Vedavoo in Leominster – is filled with local men and women who are passionate about their craft. Whether it be cutting fabric or hand-lettering rod blanks, the people who build are people invested in specialized fields.

A fabric bag and the fishing rod it contains might not seem like a profound pair of items to focus on at first glance. But what they represent is the resurgence of homegrown, American-made products within the outdoor industry. At a time when conscientious concepts like farm-to-table dominate the culinary scene, Vedavoo and T&T are bringing fly fishers gear that is workshop-to-water.

And there is something special – something explicitly community-minded about a collaboration. There is cooperative creativity, but there is also fellowship and camaraderie forged over shared passions and values.

When you pick up your Thomas & Thomas fly rod, you’ll have to remove each segment from the Vedavoo rod bag before you begin fishing. In that moment, your mind should be on blitzing bluefish or rising rainbows. Rolling graphite, stitching cordura, and small New England communities might be far from your thoughts. But you can be assured that precision craftsmanship and the utmost care from those people went into what you’re holding in your hands.


Thomas & Thomas fly rods are the finest in the industry. To see which fresh or saltwater rod you’ll eventually own, head to their website or your local T&T dealer.

Vedavoo slings, bags, and accessories are the most versatile and durable gear on the market. Pick your pack, choose your own colors, and let the Vedavoo team begin a custom build just for you.

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