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At Vedavoo, we don’t have ambassadors.  We don’t have a pro staff.  We have the Torchbearers: a global team of people who believe in what we do, and (more importantly) how we do it.

Grassroots and local, they do what they can to bear the torch of Vedavoo in their areas. This includes sending in photos of our gear in the field, posting videos they’ve made of our work in action, or leading action to preserve waterways, get more people outside, and demo’ing our wares at local events.

Every once in a while, we’re going to spotlight a Vedavoo Torchbearer on the Workshop Journal. Every one of us has an interesting story, and we’re proud to share with you some of the men and women who embody the values – and bear the torch – of better American gear.



Almost heaven, West Virginia…

Those popular lyrics are about a lot more than country roads and rivers. For anglers in the Mountaineer State, the fly fishing alone warrants the divine association.

A visit to, an online community focused on the fishing in West Virginia, will quickly illustrate the opportunities available in the state on the fly. “What makes it a unique place to fish is the diversity of options that you have around the state to fish,” says Zachary Pittman, who runs WVangler. “You have some of the best smallmouth fishing, miles of brook trout water, tons of musky, big browns… so many options all within a few hours.”

Today, all of the great fishing accessible to anglers is a testament to hard work put in by individuals and conservation organizations. Zach sees WVangler as an example of outdoorsmen in action: “It started off as a message board. It has grown into a community of likeminded individuals who enjoy the waters of West Virginia, and who also enjoy protecting and improving those resources.”

Zach lives in the northern part of the state, where he is “surrounded by miles of Ohio River tributaries and a few hours away from countless brookie streams.” His interests seem to mirror the broad perspective offered in West Virginia: “I enjoy pursuing any fish that will eat a fly; from brook trout to carp and sunfish. Lately I find myself chasing musky and smallmouth more.”

With all these types of fishing, it is no surprise that Zach has a variety of Vedavoo packs. “My favorite piece? It’s so hard to pick just one! My first original Hip Pack, which I still use, was the start of a true love for an amazing brand.”

“Each piece has truly a unique design and use. If I had to pick one, it would be the Beast Sling. I feel it’s truly a game changer in a pack. Not only do you get a great fit but also a slim custom design… but also enough to hold a bigger box like the Bugger Beast Jr. It’s one pack that will literally fit any fishing situation.”

If you have a chance to fish in West Virginia, you should absolutely do so. If you’re looking for helpful information as you plan, definitely log on to And while you’re fishing in West Virginia, you must try a pepperoni roll. According to Zach Pittman, and some other members of the Vedavoo team, it is “the greatest fishing food.”


Vedavoo Torchbearers are involved because they want to be, not because we ask them. And they aren’t compensated (though they do have insider access to deals and special products available only to members of the team).  All we ask in return is that you be a good steward of our brand, the outdoors, and of the adventure we all love.

If you’re interested in joining the movement – and in proudly bearing the Vedavoo torch in your area – please sign up by following this link. Thank you in advance for your support of our work and the families behind it!

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