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At Vedavoo, we don’t have ambassadors.  We don’t have a pro staff.  We have the Torchbearers: a global team of people who believe in what we do, and (more importantly) how we do it.

Grassroots and local, they do what they can to bear the torch of Vedavoo in their areas. This includes sending in photos of our gear in the field, posting videos they’ve made of our work in action, or leading action to preserve waterways, get more people outside, and demo’ing our wares at local events.

Every once in a while, we’re going to spotlight a Vedavoo Torchbearer on the Workshop Journal. Every one of us has an interesting story, and we’re proud to share with you some of the men and women who embody the values – and bear the torch – of better American gear.


His name is Justin Carfagnini, but everyone in his circles and on social media pretty much knows and refers to him as Carf.

Carf primarily fishes a fascinating part of the country – the Upper Midwest. This region, which is comprised of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is a historically prominent part of our country’s angling heritage.  “I fish for just about anything, but smallmouth bass, pike, and musky are definitely my favorite,” Carf says. “One of the things I find special about the upper Midwest is the vast array of species that we can fish for.” More than the types of fish, the variety of water keeps fly fishers interested. “One day I can be floating a river in search of smallies, musky or pike. The next, I can be wading small streams tossing dry flies and small streamers as far as I can for trout.  All of which are within 40 minutes of the Twin Cities where I currently live.

His passion for fly fishing goes beyond the water. You can see his photography and read his writing on his blog, Carf Outdoors. “I really enjoy writing,” Carf says, “so, I figured a blog would be a great place for me to do that.  I typically share stories of my fishing and outdoor travels accompanied by some photos, but I’ll also share some events and things that I think people should know about.”

Carf has been a proud, vocal Torchbearer for years. Like many who use Vedavoo gear, he learned about the brand through social media. “What drew me to Vedavoo was that it was a small American company that made their products here in the USA,” Carf says, “I also loved the simple but very smart designs.”

Picking a favorite piece of gear was tough for Carf. “I’m a fan of the old school original hip pack – (it was) my first Vedavoo pack. It allows me to keep it simple, and minimize what I take with me. I’m a pack rat, and will take as much as I can if given the opportunity.”

“My other favorite pieces of gear are the esox wallet, pack pouches, and leader wallets. They allow me to stay organized. I have 2 leader wallets: one for my trout and bass leaders, and another for pike and musky. The pack pouches I use for so many things – and not just storing fly fishing gear like extra nippers, forceps, bobbers, and split shots. I also use them for storing my camera batteries. They’re easy to find in my gear bags with the brighter color options.”

Definitely check out Justin on social media. Why? “I like to party,” Carf says. Along with seeing his creative uses of Vedavoo gear, you’ll get a taste of how diverse and fun fishing the Upper Midwest can be – all with his unique flavor of flair.

Carf Outdoors – blog, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube


Vedavoo Torchbearers are involved because they want to be, not because we ask them. And they aren’t compensated (though they do have insider access to deals and special products available only to members of the team).  All we ask in return is that you be a good steward of our brand, the outdoors, and of the adventure we all love.

If you’re interested in joining the movement – and in proudly bearing the Vedavoo torch in your area – please sign up by following this link. Thank you in advance for your support of our work and the families behind it!

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