Scott Hunter

Founder / Designer / Builder / Wearer of Many Hats

Scott started VEDAVOO in 2009 after graduating from Babson College.  Chairman and sole member of the Central Mass Chapter of COWPIE (Committee of Wyoming People in the East), he is rightly accused of never being satisfied with things that work – and is fundamentally committed to making things better – stronger – and simpler.  He taught himself to sew in a garage – built packs for 7 years in his basement – and now has the corner office (though he rarely spends time there).  Look for him at his sewing station.  It’s the messy one.

Meridith St. George

Master Builder / Product Designer / WHO’s Who

Mother of two kids and many fluffy chickens (adopted), Meridith is a trained psychologist (which comes in VERY handy given her co-workers).  She is also a MASTER of the sewing arts, building pretty much anything and everything better and faster than anyone else we’ve ever had on our team.  She enjoys designing products that won’t suck to build, eating chocolate to relieve stress, and passionately following Dr. Who’s many adventures.

Tim Herbert

Cutting / Material Prep / Shipping / Warehouse / Storyteller / Enforcer

Tim used to manage the Fitchburg Civic Center – where he kept the ice smooth, the beer cold, and chaos in balance.  Not to be trifled with, he once restrained Rob Zombie after someone yelled “cut your hair hippy”, and shared a bottle of Jack with Marilyn Manson.  He also really loves the Eagles.  Better than Bruce Lee with sharp objects, he makes quick work of our material cutting needs, and is the man with the completely unidentifiable signature on many of our thank you notes included with the outgoing post.  Look out world – he has also recently learned to sew our accessories.



We don’t have Ambassadors.  We don’t have a Pro Staff.  We have the TORCHBEARERS – a global team of people (like you) who believe in what we do, and (more importantly) HOW we do it.

Grassroots and local, they do what they can to Bear the Torch of Vedavoo in their areas – sending in photos of our gear in the field, videos they’ve made of our work in action, or leading action to preserve waterways, get more people outside, or demo’ing our wares at local events.

Members of the Torchbearers join because they want to – and they aren’t compensated (though they do have insider access to deals and special products available only to members of the team).  All we ask in return is that you be a good steward – of our brand, the outdoors, and of the adventure we all love.