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At Vedavoo, we know that fly fishers don’t settle. Whether it be the pursuit of fish or the pursuit of equipment, anglers always are looking for more efficient and more effective. We get that because we are fly fishers. That is why Better American Gear has always been about well-made, functional equipment. For this season, we have taken the core lineup and streamlined an already sleek set of packs.

The Tightlines, Seam, and Beast Slings haven’t been radically altered. Each pack still maintains the principal elements of a Vedavoo sling. There is a clean front, with nothing to obstruct casting or fishing while the pack is slung to the back. When brought around in front of the angler, access to core gear is simple and built off one main compartment. Lastly, slings are built to accommodate left- or right-handed casters.

Since we’re constantly using these slings, as well as actively listening to the feedback of fly fishers around the world who use them, we have made a few updates to improve our packs:



The Beast and Seam have featured a metal ring as an attachment point for the strap. Now, the Tightlines has a ring as well. The purpose of the ring is to allow the pack to effortlessly pivot when swung from vertical to horizontal when brought from back to front. The ring also helps keep the same pack flush against the back, regardless of the shape or size of the wearer.


The strap buckle is gone. We received some feedback that the plastic buckle could sit poorly on some body types. Moreover, most users weren’t using the buckle. People simply put the pack on or remove it by sliding it over their shoulder.


We added a buckle to the main compartment of each sling. Even though the Velcro is incredibly strong and reliable, many customers expressed the desire to have that added security. Whether it be bushwhacking through dense underbrush or while your pack is in storage, the contents con now be protected with an additional fastener.


Even the layout has gotten a facelift. Tool anchors, pouch pockets, and lash points have all been simplified. Allowing for greater individual customization. The old tippet system has been removed and replaced with ARC Accessory loops. Now, each user can choose if that spot is best suited for the ARC Tippet Pack, ARC Fly Patch, or the ARC Plier Pack.

We’re using our gear today with the same kind of critical mind that spawned the creation of the first Vedavoo packs. This discernment led to popular offshoots like the Mammoth fly wallet pack, women’s Damsel, and Water Master collaborations (which all also feature the aforementioned updates). The evolution of our core slings for this season isn’t earth-shattering, but the kinds of modifications we’ve made reflect the desire to continually make Better American Gear.

Check out our packs today – we’d love to build one just for you.

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