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Now included with every Streamwalker Net Vedavoo Edition get a Vedavoo Netster. Not only will you be have a beautifully handcrafted net made by hand in Rochester, NY, but also a secure place to put it when your hiking in or casting.

“Because we can! And it if we can, we should.”

That is why Leif Mermagen, owner of Streamwalker Nets, believes in Better American Gear. Starting this year, Streamwalker and Vedavoo are collaborating to bring some cross-branded nets to fly fishers.

Vedavoo and Streamwalker have a lot more in common than just American-made fly fishing gear. Both companies were founded on the principle that good old-fashioned work gets you something – and somewhere, if you put in the time. Also, both companies recently expanded their operations. Each moved into new, larger workspaces in the past year.


More than that, there is a parallel between the birth of the two fly fishing brands. Streamwalker Nets was initially created because Mermagen wanted to build something for himself. He wanted something that met his expectations, both in performance and workmanship. Like Vedavoo, this personal-scale production morphed into making gear for others.

Vedavoo X Streamwalker InLand Net

That performance and workmanship is evident in every net from Streamwalker. Mermagen grew up around men and women who made nearly everything by hand. He remembers shoes, belts, baskets, and even backpacks being crafted by the folks that would be using them. What was needed was what was made, and what was made was what was used. It was a mindset that was modeled by the older generations and passed down to those who were younger. Calling that “the Americana ethic,” his fondness for working hard and playing hard has significantly influenced the design and care that goes into every net.

With that kind of ethic at the forefront of a company, Vedavoo working alongside Streamwalker Nets just makes sense.

Vedavoo X Streamwalker LakeRun Net


We’re currently offering two Vedavoo X Streamwalker nets; the LakeRun and the InLand. The LakeRun is 37”, and will take care of anyone expecting big trout, salmon, or steelhead. The InLand is 23” and is the perfect net for all-purpose wading and carrying. Both feature American Black Walnut over Curly Maple and come with a clear rubber catch and release net bag. The collaboration nets have both the

Streamwalker “SW” and the Vedavoo “V” burned onto the handle.


Every net we sell comes out of the Streamwalker Nets shop in Rochester, New York. To take it a step further, each net goes through Leif Mermagen’s own hands. This not only results in a superior product for the fly fisher, but it matters to people in a community in America. And for Vedavoo, that’s what Better American Gear is really all about.



Check out both of the Vedavoo X Streamwalker nets here. And if you’re looking for a way to carry your net, take a look at our Netster. Most nets, be they long- or short-handled, fit in this streamlined holster.

Want to learn more about Streamwalker Nets? Head to their website and follow them on social media.

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