Small Fish – Top Three Thursday September 20, 2018 – Posted in: Vedavoo – Tags: , ,

Why would you go fly fishing somewhere you know only holds small fish?

Sometimes we head away from the big rivers and the popular stretches. We do it for more than trophy trout. We do it because although the fish might be smaller, the reward is sometimes bigger. Here are three reasons why we head a little further upstream. What would your top three be?

  • Solitude Hiking in a mile or more up all but guarantees you some elbow room. And as amazing as a stream full of 8-10 inch trout is, it doesn’t provide the motivation for most to go all the way out there.
  • Scenery With few exceptions, the higher you go the smaller fish get. If you want beautiful vistas and breathtaking views, the fish are going to be a size adapted to those high mountain streams.
  • Surprise Because you never know – an eighteen incher just might live under that boulder.

So, what did we leave out? Why do you go where the fish are as long as your… hand? What would your top three look like? Let us know below!

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