VEDAVOO started the REEL SERVICE PROJECT as a means to raise funds for worthy causes and in this case, Captains for Clean WaterVEDAVOO messenger bags featuring the original artwork of marquis artists Paul Puckett and Jorge Martinez were built as prizes for those who support these efforts.  100% of the proceeds from will directly benefit the featured charity.  All construction, materials, artwork and administrative expenses have been donated.


Captains For Clean Water is a Grassroots Nonprofit Organization

Advocating for Clean Water & Healthy Estuaries Across South Florida.

Captains For Clean Water started out as a group of fishing guides that “had enough” of Florida’s poor water management practices. Given the destruction seen firsthand, we were convinced that if everyone knew what we knew, the problem would have been already fixed. We discovered, the solution has been delayed for decades because of a lack of political will and public awareness. 


Jorge Martinez

Jorge Martinez was born in Miami, Florida in 1978. Growing up in south Florida, Jorge took a major interest in the ocean and its creatures. Shortly after attending The International Fine Arts College, Jorge began his career as a marine artist.

When Jorge is not painting he is out pursuing these great gamefish in their natural environment. All his work is inspired by his days on the water. Living in south Florida gives Jorge the ability to study his subject and interact with them in their natural habitat.

Jorge’s artwork has been used as trophies in the Florida Keys’ most prestigious inshore tournaments, such as the Redbone Celebrity Series, The Don Hawley Tarpon Tournament, and The Bonefish All-Tackle.  It is also in many private collections.



There is nothing more enjoyable than capturing an image of a moment in time on my camera then converting it to paper or canvas.  I love painting people’s fish too, its something that I have been doing for a long time and has more or less gotten me to this point.  Doing the custom “Catch and Release Paintings” has given me the ability to call myself an artist and gives way to me doing my own artistic creations.

Although my full background is freshwater fishing, I have now taken the plunge into the saltwater fishing spectrum.  I love everything about…it is so unpredictable, always changing.  The moon, the tides, the weather, the boats, the tackle…it’s a whole other world, and I love it.  I look forward to bringing you images that I capture from this new chapter in my life…I plan on keeping it on this chapter for a long time!