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We all take risks while fly fishing.

Really, anytime you go outdoors you’re taking a risk. The farther you venture into wild places, the more those risks add up. Thankfully, the vast majority of anglers, hunters, and hikers return unscathed.

Yet every one of us has experienced to recount some sort of peril. Sadly, every one of us probably has heard of someone who succumbed to a worst-case scenario of outdoors risks.

While all the risks can’t be eliminated, there are some that can certainly be reduced:

  • Let someone know where you are going.
  • Ensure you have water and a charged cell phone.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks.
  • If you’re wading, wear a wading belt.

Although the last one might seem trivial compared to the others, it is a great fly fishing example of not taking an unnecessary risk.

“When I fell, I had the immediate sensations of being wet and being out of control. The river was strong when it was against my legs and waist, but I really felt its power when I was off my feet and mostly submerged.

“I had been wading all day and being as careful as possible. But after a full day of fishing and wading I stopped being so careful and stepped hastily. My stance was too wide, my foot slipped, and being off-balance the water swept both legs downstream.

“My face hitting the water was a shock. But the trickles of cold tailwater water working their way down my back and legs was incredibly unsettling.

“The river wasn’t more than chest-deep. Still, it took a lot of work to reorienting myself. I was able to get both feet down and I pushed myself out of the water. It felt like I was drifting for a long time, but it had only been about twenty feet. In that time my waders filled with water.

“Thankfully, since I was wearing a wading belt, they only filled up to my waist.

“I can’t imagine how heavy and cumbersome it would have been had my legs filled with water as well. I was wet, but I was okay. And I can say this for certain: I’ll always wear a wading belt.”

With the hundreds upon hundreds of dollars worth of gear that every angler carries on the water, it is important to remember that a belt might be the most necessary. All the fish in the world aren’t worth getting hurt or losing your life.

It could be said that some risks make outdoors activities as thrilling as they are. But some risks aren’t ever worth taking. Wade safely and enjoy your fly fishing.

Has a wading belt or other piece of gear ever saved you? Let us know in the comments below.


Safety is the hands-down, number one reason for wearing a wading belt. And if you’re going to have one on your waist all the time, it ought to be functional as well. The new Ringer Wading Belt from Vedavoo is built with a stainless steel ring to clip tools. Custom made in our Massachusetts workshop out of lightweight, durable nylon webbing, the belt features a large buckle and is adjustable up to a 50″ waists.

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