Getting Started with the Reel Service Project

Thank you for participating in the Reel Service Project with Vedavoo. We are excited to get started with you.

VEDAVOO started the REEL SERVICE PROJECT as a means to raise funds for worthy causes. VEDAVOO messenger bags featuring the original artwork of marquis artists have been built as prizes for those who support these efforts. 

At this point you will have been chosen by one of our Reel Service Artists as the charity they wish to support. Historically, showing the bag at shops, events and other public displays have gained more traction. If this is something you’d want to do all we would need is an address and we will send it out asap. Otherwise, the bag will be housed at the Vedavoo Workshop until a winner is announced.

100% of the proceeds from will directly benefit the featured charity. All construction, materials, artwork and administrative expenses have been donated.

A donation button or page will need to be created so that we can have a way of keeping track how much money we raise through each of our Reel Service Projects.

We’ve spent some time looking through the options, and it looks like the easiest to use a PayPal Button.  This can be created easily, and embedded anywhere – allowing us to put it on our site, you on yours, on the cause site, etc.

If you already have a system in place for donations you are welcome to use that (i.e., etc.) but you will need to create a separate button or page specifically for the Reel Service Project in order to keep track of project totals and names so that entries into the drawing can be entered correctly.

We want each Reel Service project to be a huge success for each of the charities that participate. In that respect we like to be able to keep track of the progress we make in the two weeks we run each program.

This will be access to the information or that information exported and emailed to us.

Vedavoo is dedicated to each Reel Service and wants to raise as much awareness and bring in as many donations as we can in order to have the most impact.

Ways to Promote Reel Service:

  • Social Media Channels
  • Press Releases
  • Meet and greet with artists
  • Organizing around existing events
  • Utilize branches, local committees, supporters’ groups, friends’ groups, members’ groups, and communities.