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StreamWalker Nets

StreamWalker Landing Nets

StreamWalker Landing Nets

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Hand-crafted, premium landing nets.  American Black Walnut hoops seated on handles of Curly Maple for perfect balance of weight and durability. Designed for walk and wade anglers, each piece in this collaboration has clear rubber “catch and release” net bags sewn in with black Dacron. Made by hand in Rochester, NY.

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- Inland: 15″W X 10.5″L Hoop; 23″ Overall Length
- Trophy Trouter: 14″W X 19″L Hoop; 34″ Overall Length
- Lake Run: 16″W X 22″L Hoop; 37″ Overall Length



- Nets built to handle trophy fish
- Lightweight and Durable Construction
- American Black Walnut Hoop
- Curly Maple Handle
- Ghost net bag sewn on with Dacron cord for smooth catch and release fishing.
- Vedavoo and StreamWalker logos burned into handle stock

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