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Strolis Rigging Station & Fly Wallet

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$94.95 USD
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$94.95 USD
Thin profile rigging station & fly wallet that mounts to a boat seat, console, Yeti, kayak, dash, or other rigid surface.  Two big patches of loop fabric secure streamers or other hooks, flies, or lures, and an internal pocket stores loose gear.  Remove it easy and take it home. Sustainably made in the USA.

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    - Easily mounts to a seatback, console, dash, kayak, cooler, tailgate, or other rigid surface
    - Thin design so rowers won't bang their knuckles on it as they're paddling
    - Two 8″H x 10″W premium loop material fly storage panels to secure your streamers and other flies
    - One 9″ x 8″ internal pocket behind upper fly storage panel for thin fly boxes, leader material, snacks, etc.
    - Central loop on face for quick attachment of our Tippet Pack, Fly Patch, and other similar accessories.
    - Two clip-to loops on face of pack for tools
    - Quickly removed at the end of the day
    - Can be easily moved from one location to another depending on your need
    - Includes two strips of industrial grade, low-profile, sticky-back velcro for mounting your pack.
    - Additional mounting kits available for a small fee for those who need to move their pack around between boats / vehicles


    9.2 oz

    10″ W x 8.5″ H x 1″ D