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Plier Holster

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$32.95 USD
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$32.95 USD
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Double-layer stretch pocket conforms to pliers, and the reinforced tip protects against damage.  Loop at the bottom to secure tethers where they won't get in your way.  Choose between fixed beltloop, or quick-wrap connection to wrap it around your wading belt, boat frame, cooler handles...  Sustainably Made in the USA.

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    Two Configurations Available:
    - Fixed Beltloop for up to 2″ Wide Belts (keeps pliers on your belt when that’s where they’ll stay)
    - ARC Style quick-wraps around loops on our packs, your belt, pack straps, waders, boat frames, cooler handles, etc. (Secures with Industrial Velcro Closure)
    - Dual Layer Pocket conforms to secure the tool in the sheath
    - Tip protector prevents damage to tool or surfaces
    - Secure Webbing loop for tether at the bottom of the holster so it stays out of your way.
    - Designed to fit a variety of fishing pliers and works with other specialty pliers.


    2 oz

    4″ W x 6″ H x 0.75″ D (closed)