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Fly Tying Aprons

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$149.95 USD
Keep mess off your clothes and the floor with this fly tying apron.  A must have for anyone who ties with bucktail and other messy materials.  Adjustable harness mounts to any point around the perimeter for the most comfortable fit regardless of your build.  Base model is a solid piece of premium poly-back fabric, and can double as a table protector when tying away from your bench.  The Pro model has a cross-chest pocket for tools, an upper security pocket, and a fold up lower panel which helps to trap mess until you can shake it off outside.  Adjustable harness.  Sustainably made in the USA.

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    - Large 18″ x 10″ ambidextrous chest pocket for your tools, materials, phone, etc.
    - 5.5″ x 5.5″ upper stash pocket keeps your phone or other key items out of the way
    - Premium Material upper for durable protection where you need it most
    - Fold-up 600 Denier fabric lower panel with snap clips to catch and trap mess in your lap
    - Backer of 200 Denier oxford cloth (blaze orange) smooth against body
    - Folds up for easy storage and transport


    11 oz

    18.5″ W x 32″ H