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Fly Strip Tying Area Organizers

Fly Strip Tying Area Organizers

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Expand your bench with these wall-mount panels designed to help you secure flies, prepped hooks, tying materials (flash, feathers, ...), or tying tools within easy reach, but off your bench-top.  Mount one wherever you break your rods down to keep hooks secure and away from kids, pets, etc. Sustainably made in the USA.

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3 oz

- 17.5" W x 4" H
- Custom Length Available to Fit a Specific Space if needed (please contact us if you would like this)



- 2" Loop Material Strip to secure flies, hooks, materials, or tools to the panel.
- Product includes removable retention strip that you can use to secure flash, feathers, tools, etc. if desired.
- 18oz. vinyl base adds structure to panel in your choice of colors
- Backed with 400 Denier Pack Cloth
- Grommets Set 16" on Center for easy mounting to wall studs without need for drywall anchors
- Also works with 3M Command Hooks if preferred.

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