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Cam-Clip // Adjustable Side-Release Buckle Strap

Cam-Clip // Adjustable Side-Release Buckle Strap

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Quick-attach heavy-duty side-release buckle strap with cam-locking buckles on both ends.  This system works great as a removable compression strap or for other connections that need a flexible length between ends.

A set with fixed length is also available. 

Made in the USA.

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3 oz

3.5" H x 2" W



- Side Release Buckles are great for connecting two items things together when you will need to connect / disconnect frequently.
- Adjustable length to secure as compression strap, or when you need to adjust the distance between ends.
- 3 Lengths available depending on your application
- Can be cut-to-length if a shorter connection is needed. (Fuse end of webbing with flame when done to prevent fraying)
- Specialty Cam-Locking Buckle securely mounts to backpack straps, webbing, belts, edge binding, waders, or anywhere you need to have a place to clip on gear or secure a tether.
- VERY Strong Connection - but Easily Removed
- Stores easily in your pack when you don't need it

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