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Voozie Drinkware Insulation & Protection

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Way more than a coozie.  These are lightweight, quick-drying, easy carry sleeves that insulate and protect your favorite container.  Fold flat and stuff easy.   Available in sizes to fit a variety of 3" Diameter bottles like the Yeti Rambler, and for quart sized mason jars and Colsters. Sustainably made in the USA.

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    - Open Cel Foam Insulation layer
    - Durable outer fabric shell protects your container's finish.
    - Pop-Up / Fold-Flat
    - Durable Water Repellant on Exterior


    3 oz

    MASON JAR / COLSTER - Designed slightly larger than 3" Diameter to ideally fit Quart size Mason Jars or Yeti Colster for standard 12oz. cans

    Medium - Fits Yeti Rambler 12 bottles or other 3" Diameter drinkware over 5" Tall

    Large - Fits Yeti Rambler 18 Bottles or other 3" Diameter drinkware over 7" Tall

    XL - Fits Yeti Rambler 26 Bottles or other 3.5" Diameter drinkware over 7" Tall