Vedavoo || Water Master Beast Sling

The Beast fly fishing sling comfortably carries larger loads, on your back until you pull the pack to your front – giving you quick access to tools, tippet, flies, water, and other gear to keep you fishing more with less frustration.

We’ve partnered up with our friends at Water Master – and have found a way to put scraps of left over raft vinyl to use in this very special collaborative effort.

$ 179.95


5 reviews for Vedavoo || Water Master Beast Sling

  1. Mikael Skoglund

    I received this pack a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that it´s fantastic! It’s the essence of form follows function if you ask me! It´s the most comfortable pack I have ever tried (and believe me, I have tried lots of them). All your gear is easy to reach and the size is perfect for just about any kind of fishing trip is it fresh or saltwater, big articulated streamers or dries. If you´re prepared to carry the beer in a separate cooler that is….. I am a right handed caster so just the fact that it sits on my left shoulder (as opposed to almost all other slings that are available) is worth the investment. Also it does stay on your back when leaning forward to net a fish without the need for an extra strap. The build quality is exceptional and the delivery time from date of order was only about 3-4 weeks even though I live in Sweden so the pack had to be shipped overseas.
    I am certian that this pack will be a loyal companion for years to come! Thank you Scott for building such a great product!

  2. Greg (verified owner)

    This is a very well built pack, got the water master for the water resistance but I love the heavier material which helps the pack lay flat and perfectly in place on my back. Great storage, plenty of place for tools. Fantastic construction and no hanging threads. Super quality and highly recommended. My Dad has already ordered one. Thank you!

  3. Christopher Humenik

    Used for about a year and loved this pack. Very low-profile and comfortable. Definitely protected my gear and tools from getting wet when wading. Best attribute is how perfectly you can slide it from your back to front to access it easier. Would recommend any of these slings over competitors. Also held my yeti in the drink holder amazingly.

  4. Doug Hamacher (verified owner)

    This is actually my second Beast Sling Pack. The original Beast was and still is a great pack.
    I have used it hard in a wide variety of situations and it is bomb proof. No one offers a better design.
    Over time, I did feel there were a few minor things that could be improved . Mainly a more secure top flap.
    Not surprisingly, my new Water Master Beast addressed and fixed them all. Vedavoo seems to constantly
    tweak and improve their products. Add to that top notch recycled water resistant materials and flawless construction
    and you have the ultimate swing pack that will last a lifetime. I couldn’t be happier.

  5. Brian McCarty

    I had been on the fence about buying this pack for quite some time, and ended up winning this as a prize for the MV Derby. Had I been able to examine one sooner, I would’ve been sold long ago – wow! This thing is super basic, but offers all the necessities. I’m a guide, so its very important that my gear holds up, and is flexible to all types of fishing. I always look for bulletproof equipment, that can be submerged, used, and abused. Here are some of the things I love most about this bag:

    1. The material doesn’t absorb water, so you don’t have to worry about washing it, drying it out, or added weight of having a wet bag. It always looks fresh, and doesn’t created the same type of “swim-drag” you would get from a standard bag submerged in water.

    2. The bag holds a large fly box, which is also universal size to a medium tackle tray. You can store multiple boxes, in your vehicle or at home, and just load them into your pack as needed. I love this because I can swap the boxes for fly fishing, surf casting, or a combination of both.

    3. The sling design allows for access to the bag without taking it off. This is really useful for accessing your hooks, but also to reach a water bottle. This minimizes the risk of dropping items in the water, losing your bag on the shore, or simply getting it dirty setting it down in sand or dirt.

    4. The added zipper pocket & dividers are great for tippet, leader, terminal tackle, and all sorts of other stuff. The straps for holding a rod tube are great on outtings where I want to carry both a spin and fly rod; I just switch them out from the tube as needed. The design also makes it easy to clip on my gopro, pliers, and other accessory items.

    I constantly explore the market for tackle bags, carriers, etc., and am confident in saying this sling has to be the best on the market. The design is simple, the materials are great, and I have no doubt it will hold up under any condition. I look forward to using and abusing this sling for years to come!

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WEIGHT: 19 oz.

VOLUME: ~236 CI (POUCH) + Added Storage (Zipper Pocket, Deep Storage Pocket, Water Bottle Sleeve, and tippet / tool anchors)

RELATIVE CAPACITY: 1 Bugger Beast Jr. Flybox + 2 Tacky Fly Boxes; 4 Bugger Barn Flyboxes + 2 Tacky Boxes; 12 Tacky Boxes


ORIGIN: Made in the USA with Water Master raft vinyl remnants. 

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