Wader Wallet


Durable vinyl wallet with premium loop material lining to hold a variety of flies (barbed or barbless).

A loop on the back slides over wader suspenders or onto your wading belt, and the pocket-size lets you stash it easy.

Simple and lightweight, this product is a perfect carrier for your prospecting flies, a hand-picked arsenal for a quick outing, or as a catch-all / drying patch while you’re on the water.

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$ 24.95


DIMENSIONS: 4.5″H x 5″W x 0.5″D (CLOSED); 12.75″H x 4.5″W x .25″D (OPEN)

WEIGHT: 2 oz.

STORAGE: Interior made completely out of our V-LOCK looped material for maximum fly storage (all sizes, barbed or barbless)

ORIGIN: Handmade in the USA


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