Vedavoo || Water Master Seatback

$ 125.00

For the drift boaters, this versatile pouch attaches to the seatback and cinches up tight for easy accessibility on the water. The pouch is secured with American made, heavy-duty velcro and a snap closure. Great for a day on the water, the Vedavoo || Water Master Seatback will keep your boxes off the bottom of the boat. Dry, organized and out of way.

Fits most seatbacks, must be able to go around the back cushion and through the seat hinge.

We've partnered up with our friends at Water Master and have found a way to put salvaged raft vinyl to use in this collaborative effort.

PRO TIP: The loop on the face of the pouch is designed for ARC Accessories like our ARC TIPPET PACK or ARC FLY PATCH to quickly mount your spools or have a place to put your fly while rigging.

Available only in Water Master Grey.

DIMENSIONS: POUCH 9″H x 10.5″W x 2.5″D

WEIGHT: 15 oz.

VOLUME: ~236 CI (POUCH) + Added Storage: Front Tuck Pocket, ARC Accessory Loop, and 2 Tool Attachment Loops

RELATIVE CAPACITY: 1 Bugger Beast Jr. Flybox + 2 Tacky Fly Boxes; 4 Bugger Barn Flyboxes + 2 Tacky Boxes; 12 Tacky Boxes

Adjustable Strap Length to Fit Most Setbacks, Must Be Able to Go Around the Back Cushion and Through the Seat Hinge.

ORIGIN: Handmade in the USA with American Made Materials (learn more HERE)


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