Vedavoo || StreamWalker Lake Run Net

The LakeRun model landing net is built with a 16″ by 22″ American Black Walnut hoop seated on a Curly Maple handle for an overall length of 37 inches. This model was designed for the walk and wade Steelheaders. It is large enough and tough enough to scoop up lake run or sea run fish all while being lighweight and easy to carry all day long. Comes with a clear rubber “catch and release” Ghost style net bag sewn in with black Dacron cord. Made by hand in Rochester, NY.

$ 289.95

DIMENSIONS: 16″W X 22″L Hoop; 37″ Overall Length

NET: Clear Rubber “Catch and Release” Ghost Style Net Bag

ORIGIN: Handmade to order in the Rochester, NY out of locally harvested hardwoods. Learn more from STREAMWALKER.


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